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17 May 2009 @ 07:44 pm
I've been sick since Friday... blahhhhh so sick of being sick!

I've decided to stay in my apartment for another year.
I just love it...
I love decorating it.
I love it b/c it's all mine and I don't have to share it!!

I also finally decided to go to college...probably for an AS.
Who knows....

Laura and I went to John's farm today b/c he got a new horse...
Horses creep me out..
But he's cool, he's got one blue eye, so they named him Blue.
How nifty.

I'm not depressed anymore. Yay!
Looking up! You only have one life and I guess it's best spent
not dwelling on stupid things that you can't fix...right?!

P.S. I love coffee
Location: My apartment
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Tunes: The Kinison - No Talk
16 April 2009 @ 08:44 pm
I can't think straight lately...
all of my thought are jumbled into one big thought that comes out as "blah"
I wish I could make everyone happy(while making myself happy at the same time)
But of course, as we all know, life doesn't work out like that.

I put 110% into the things that I do and I wish the people I do that for would do that for me.
Ever since I can remember its been a 3 legged race with me pulling the brunt.
It's hard. It's draining. I'm sad.

That's how it will be forever because I'm too nice
and too often try to see through others eyes and put myself in their position..

..But when will the day come when they put themselves in my postion???...
People are disappointing
My job is tiring
I need a vacation!
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11 December 2008 @ 06:51 pm
I Feel: crazycrazy
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21 October 2008 @ 06:29 pm
Two updates??!! What. What?

I need to find a good old movie to watch.
Not an old, old movie... like a movie from the 90s, old movie.

I started watching the movies that they have on TV.
I just love that it takes 3 hours to watch one movie b/c of all the commercials.
Perfect way to waste time.

I'm at my parents house
My mom is making me an egg...see she loves me(sometimes)
Location: Old Home
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Tunes: Katy Perry - Hot N Cold
20 October 2008 @ 03:09 pm
I love reading past entries. I'm such a freakin dork.
Okay... I'm going to try and update this more often. It's fun to look back.

I love October. I have the apartment alll decorated.
I should have a Halloween party!
I love my apartment btw it's the most awesomest/cutest one!

Nova is annoying as ever, wakes me up every morning at 3am...pleasant.

I made a felt cupcake. Yes, that's what a 21 year old girl did on Saturday. So what?!
look it's pretty...

I'm just so creative!

**Alkaline Trio, Thrice and Rise Against on Thursday!!! Can't wait!!!!**
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17 July 2008 @ 10:47 pm
It's been a while. A lot has happened.

*Shea was born
*I turned 21 (big whoop!)
*Uncle Vinnie died
*I got to see Rancid (again)
and last but certainly not least...
*I'm moving into my own apartment in 9 days. (me and Nova, of course)

Oh, life... we'll see what happens!
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01 March 2008 @ 09:38 pm
When is the damn baby gonna get here?!?!?!?!?!?
I Feel: predatoryimpatient
Tunes: Alkaline Trio - Bleeder
20 January 2008 @ 03:54 pm
I got to see Hot Water Music and you didn't
I Feel: jubilantjubilant
01 January 2008 @ 10:45 am

1-Did you kiss anyone?

2-Did you date anyone?
Not really

3-Are you going to kiss someone when the ball drops?
Who knows.

4-Did you lose any friends?
Not really

5-Did you gain any friends?
Uh huh

6-Did you do something new?
New job, new car.

7-Did anyone important to you die?
Not really *knock on wood*

8-Did you change?

9-Are you happy with the year over all?
As a whole.

10-Whats the best thing that happened to you?
I can't name everything

11-Did you fall in or out of love?

12-Are you happy the years almost over?
08 will be better, I'll be 21 and I'll have a little nephew!!!!! Hurray!

13-Are you going to change something about yourself next year?
I'm going to try to have more paciences

14-Do you think 2008 will be a better year then 2007?

15-How many things did you screw up in 2007?
A lot

16-Did you go to an amusement park?
Orlando is my second home

17-Did you go to a concert?
A million, I can't name them all... Rise Against, Unwritten Law, Thrice, just to name a few

18-Did you go to any parties?

19-Did you go on a summer vacation?

20-Did you leave the country?

21-Did you have a good birthday?

25-Did anyone in your family get married?
Umm.. nope, but my cousin had her baby! September

26-Do you think you grew?
Phyically no, I stopped growing when I was like 12, but mentally yes.

27-Did you dye your hair?
I've never died my hair in my life

28-Who do you think you were on the phone with the most?

29-Did anyone sing to you?

30-Did you sing to anyone?
All the time...

31-Did anyone tell you they loved you?

32-Did you ever go to the hospital?
Blah yes, damn kidney stones.

33-What did you drink and eat the most?
Water...and I ate a lot of.... cheese?

34-Did you change your top friends at least 8 times?

35-Did you change your profile over 10 times?
Most likely

36-Did you change your default picture at least 20 times?
Not 20...

37-Did you get a tattoo?
Uh huh

38-Did you vote?
Next year...

39-Are you going to make a new years resolution?

40-Did you stick to your new years resolution from last year?
I didn't make one.

41-Think you'll date someone in 2008?
If they're worth it.

42-Where will you be when the ball drops?
With friends

43-Do you think you will make new friends in 2008?

44-Are you hoping to meet someone special in 2008?
Why not

45-How do you feel, another year has passed you by?
Creepy how fast everything is going.
I Feel: hopefulhopeful
Tunes: Unwritten Law